Can you laugh?

Can you show me that lovely smile of yours

Can you show me that attractive shiny white teeth of yours

Can you roll those beautiful dark eyes

Can I hear that shrill voice of yours

I haven’t seen you laugh in a long time now


Can you laugh and smile again

You have been too serious these days

Can you lighten up a bit


Can you be a child again

Can you laugh and forget your pain

A lot of bad news around you

And your lovely laughter and smile disappears with Mr bad news


Now I have come with Mr good news

Bring your laughter and smile back again

I miss your lovely and jovial self

Now smile for me

Have I not told you times without numbers

“that you are too beautiful to wear a sad face”

Now smile ok,

Don’t you know that frowning your face ages you faster,

Ok, I see something holding your smile and laughter

Alright can you for a moment forget your problems

And just smile

Yes just for a moment

Whaoh good

Look at you
You are so beautiful

Yours smilingly


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