For over Fifty years after independence it seems Nigeria is cursed. Cursed with bad leadership, the country would have moved higher and better lest for our bad leaders. Wicked leaders, who have no iota of conscience in them. Elected to represent the people but then went in and decided to represent their interests.

Understand the times you are living in. The days are evil. Wickedness is so planted in the heart of men that they don’t feel the pain of others. What will make a man divert funds meant to improve the health care system of his people for his personal enrichment. And at the end lives will be lost because of him, helpless women and children will die in the hospital because of lack of proper medical care.

The days are evil. The devil has planted his wickedness in the heart of so many people. How many times have you heard the news of a lone shooter, a young person just wakes up one day and begins to shoot and kill people for no just cause. Deriving joy from the pain of others.

How many have died within the last decade due to the inhumane activities of terrorist. Isis and Boko haram, have made life miserable for some people. Northern Nigeria is a place you live with your heart in your hand. Fear, fear! People live in fear, afraid to live.

So much hardship in third world countries. So much suffering, suffering that are man made. But the irony of it all is that some people are living in affluence. Too much money that they don’t know what to do with it. There are people that want to be the only rich person in their community. Greed, selfishness in hearts of men.

Ritualists, people that have killed their loved ones for money. We have seen men and women who sold their soul to the devil for the sake of money or fame. Killers, voodoo practice, magic among men. In some communities wicked men have used magic to kill and hold people in bondage. Wickedness.

Satan engineered suffering, some like Job are suffering for no fault of theirs.

Does anyone know that people in Syria are human beings like us. They don’t deserve to die but who cares. They are caught in between the power struggle raging among the selfish ones. Egyptians Christians have a right to practise their own faith why are they targeted.

Understand that the time we live in today is evil but we are not to lose heart or give up.

Jesus is the answer to all this. Hold Jesus, do not leave Jesus. In midst of all these hardship and wickedness he will lead you through. Trust me on this.

If you have not given your life to Christ I invite you today to do so. Renounce the devil and accept Jesus. Find a Church near you and be baptized . If you want I can help you through this journey, just send me a mail at marceljekwu@gmail.com or you can drop your message here in this website.

“make good use of every opportunity you have, because these are evil days.” (Eph 5:16)

Remain blessed
Love you,


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