I am alone here

Sitting in silence
Watching the time pass
Hating the moment
Unable to stop the pain

Wishing someone would come
Wishing for a change
Expecting a miracle
Don’t know when

I am alone here

Who else have been here
Why am I the only one
Why am I the chosen one

Couldn’t I have taken another path
Why did I come here
When will I leave

Who will answer all my questions
Who will calm my fears
Who will lead me through this path
Who will hear my cry

I am alone here

No one understands me
Everyone is talking
No one is listening to me

No one understands my feelings
No one cares about my feelings
It doesn’t matter

Life is complex
I thought it was straight forward

Life is mysterious
Now I don’t understand mine

I am alone here
not for long
I will soon find a way out



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