At one point in time in my life when I came of age, I was told the name of my country is Nigeria, this I believed. I was informed that it is located in the western part of Africa close to the Atlantic Ocean, I did not argue on that. I was also meant to understand that the country is divided into 36 states with a Federal Capital Territory located at a place called Abuja, where the power that rules resides, I believed it exists even though I have never been there. The names of these states and their capital I was told to memorize and know it by heart, this I did without questioning. At one point in time that was my examination question, “recite the states and capital” my teacher commanded me. I did it with a nervous and shaky voice.

Today I no longer believe all that I was told in the past.
I was told we are blessed with so many natural resources most importantly oil. But today I feel we are cursed with so many naturally resources especially crude oil. Crude oil has made us lazy and unproductive. We abandoned everything we had and ran to crude oil thereby killing our other potentials. I was meant to believe we are the most populous country in Africa which is of huge advantage to us. Today I feel otherwise our number is also part of our problem. We are just too many now. Look at the number of people seeking admission into higher institution and the number of people seeking employment, it is far higher than what is available. I was told we are the giant of Africa, I believed them. Today I do not believe that anymore, we are no more than an emaciated giant, a kwashiorkored giant! In my dialect I will call it “Odogwu aguu nyugoru ikpakwu”.

Everyday I think about my country Nigeria, where are you heading to? Where are your leaders taking you to? Which direction are they steering you? Those that came before now where have they lead you to. Nigeria where are you now? For how many years will you continue to complain of the same thing over and over again.

For the not so many years I have lived here I have been promised countless times that Nigeria will get better soon. Today I believe no more let them tell me “WHEN” and “HOW”. It is not enough to be optimistic you also have to have a plan of action and a date of accomplishment. A goal without a date is nothing more that a mere wishful thinking.

My greatest pain is that many of the citizens have lost faith in the country Nigeria, some have have lost hope. To them it can never get better, experience have thought them so. This had led some to clamour for a separate state, but will that solve the problem. Will it bring an end to our many challenges.

The gap between the rich and the poor is widening everyday. It has become a situation of one end is “richening” the other is “pooring”. What about the gap between the Leaders and the followers? Whereas one is surrounded by all the security agents, army, police, vigilante etc the other live in fear of armed herdsmen and terrorists. Who are the hungry – the followers, they are the Biblical Lazarus, begging for the scraps from the rich man (the leaders) table.

Nigerian don’t give up fighting for your liberation. There is an answer to our many challenges. The answer is REVOLUTION. It has led many nations to their promised land. We need to stand up and face our problems. Let us all stand up and demand for freedom, liberation from bad governance.

We need to stand up to our leaders and demand accountability from them. Nigerian stand up to your leaders both present and past and demand that you be freed. There are people holding this country captive, determining who governs and who doesn’t. This country is owned by 160 million people not 5 or 6 persons.

I believe we will get there but first we have make a move.




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