“HE IS COMING!” Deborah exclaimed. Her eyes wide open, eyeballs never blinking or moving. She lay straight on the hospital bed like a soldier.

Father David looked perplexed. Everyone was looking up to him to provide answers or find a solution.

Gabriel’s eyes’s were red shot, everything looked unreal to him. From the terrible accident his wife had and to the three weeks she spent in coma and now this. She came out from the coma to so much rejoicing and celebration. Now the joy has given way to fear.

“HE IS COMING!” Deborah exclaimed. “Tell everyone he is coming. Let them get ready, the time is near.”

Father David was deep in thought, he has to come up with a solution.

“Is she possessed? Should I call an exorcist. Is she having
revelations and visions? AND WHO IS COMING?” he mused.



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