Shakur kept on walking, pretending not to have heard the call. There is fire on the mountain. He increased his pace, was almost running. But he needn’t show it lest they suspect him.

Odinga had just called to inform him that Ekelebe (Police) is in Obiagu. Let all man find his way. The whole street looked quiet and scanty. This is not Obiagu-like, a place that is ever busy and lively especially on weekends. Both Gardaffi and Pacman have left, he didn’t receive the information on time because he wasn’t with his phone.

“Young man, I said stop.” the strong hefty man in black Jeans and blue top commanded Shakur.

He ran towards Shakur and pulled him back by the hand. He nearly fell by the impact but Shakur managed to steady himself.

“Oh boy wetin na. Why you wan injure me. Wetin I do you.” shakur shouted at him in Pidgin English.

The man was not in the least bothered by Shakur’s outburst. He stood face to face with him. He held Shakur by the shoulders and began to question him.

“Young man, do you know a man called Shakur?”

“Em em I, I”, Shakur mumbled,
“Shakur, I don’t know him, I have never heard of such a name in my life before.” He lied.

The man gave him a mischievous smile. He moved back a little and made a sign with his hands. Immediately two other men each looking dangerously strong like him ran up to them.

“Young man, do you know Ikedi Johnson Azubuike?” He again questioned Shakur.

“No, I don’t know all these names you are calling. And why are you guys interrogating me. Who are you guys?”

Shakur tried to appear undisturbed. He pocketed his hands and looked at the officer eyeball to eyeball. He had to appear strong. These people are looking for him. They even know his real names. And with the way they were throwing the questions at him they must be suspecting he knows something about the person they are looking for.

The man drew back and turned towards his two companions. They began to speak in low tones, Shakur couldn’t make out what they were saying. As they spoke they intermittently turned to look at him. One of the two men brought out a Silver Ipad and flipped through it. He showed them something in the phone and they all looked at Shakur and nodded in agreement with smiles.

“What could that be? Do they have his picture in their phone or what?” His thought pounced up and down.

Shakur was getting impatient. He adjusted his face cap downwards trying to conceal his identity from them. He had to go before these men discovers who he really is. Just as he turned to go, he thought he heard someone shout “wait”. But he can’t wait or stop he had to go. He made to run. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his back that paralysed him. And then another in his stomach and then his head. And in one swoop they brushed him down.

Shakur felt pain all over his body. They desceded heavily on him. He could hear their harsh voices as they cursed him.

“Criminal, Idiot!”
“You think you can deceive police. Young man your time is up!” Time to pay for your sins!”

Shakur couldn’t understand what was happening. What went wrong. He could hear the voices of mothers and children. A crowd must have gathered.

” Come no be Shakur be that!” a passer-by remarked.

“A whole shakur, trouble dey oh.” another said.

The memories of his childhood began to flood through his mind. He could see his mother crying and begging him to desist from gang life and to lead a good life. But Azubuike wouldn’t heed her advice. And soon enough he became the undisputed Emperor in the whole Obiagu. Feared by many. Arrested many times but never been to prison. He knows how to press the right buttons. He knew the right persons and have worked for many influential men.

The pains were too much and it distorted his thinking.

Then suddenly everything went blank. Voices died down. Pains ceased.

Shakur woke up terrified. He couldn’t make out where he was. Was he dreaming? He closed his eyes and opened it again. He couldn’t see anything everywhere was dark. Where is he? Whats happening? Is he dead. Many questions flooded his mind. He closed his eyes and tried to relax his mind.

Slowly everything began to fall in place. The pains came back in torrents. The memories slowly began to make a return.

“But who were those guys. Unlike the regular police men they usually bribe, these ones are new and dedicated.”

He opened his eyes again, same story everywhere was dark. It became clear to him that they had put him in a dark room.

Shakur felt sorry for his life. He wished to turn back the hands of time. Is it already late? He has killed, raped, kidnapped and robbed people. How much of a punishment will be given to him, life imprisonment or death sentence. Can any punishment be equal to his misconducts. Shakur wished he could be given the opportunity to advise people against gang life and bad friends.

“Shakur nwa Obiagu is this how your life will end?” He mused.

….to be continued



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