They came with promises
They came with visions
They came with change

They convinced me of their love
They told me they were different
They said they won’t break my heart

They said they will love me till the end
They said they will always provide for me
They said they will change my life

Today am all alone
They have abandoned me
They have broken my heart
They have done what they promised never to do

My government have hurt me again
My leaders have broken my heart again
My love have abandoned me

I am all alone now
I can’t find a decent work
I can’t even feed myself
I am dying of hunger

I can’t pay my school fees again
I can’t even speak my mind
I am afraid to demand for my right

I am insecure
My enemies are after me
Armed herdsmen want me dead
My lover doesn’t want to rescue me

I am alone
Somebody help!



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