With the lens of education I can see the future. They told me my certificate won’t matter at the end that my skills will be all that will be required. But I have chosen to be the best in my class and raise my skill level. I will be the best both in paper and in practice.

They told me am a girl that I shouldn’t aim higher in life. That my education is of no use since I will end up in a man’s kitchen and I will never apply my knowledge. But today I have decided to aim higher in life. I will study hard and come out the best. I will be of greater help to my husband, to my family and to my country. I will raise bright and beautiful kids and together we will build an empire. I will work and reduce the workload on my husband so that he will have more time for me and my kids.

I can see my future
I’m going to be a good mother, wife, daughter and sister. Even you too, Embrace education.



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