“CALM DOWN”, these words are ever on the lips of my friend Kenneth. Whenever I confide in him about a particular difficult situation I am facing he never fails to tell me to first of all “calm down”.

These are the same words I have for you, “calm down”. You can’t overcome any challenges of life with an unclear mind, a distorted mood or a hazy mindset. You need to be calm and calculated. If you try to rush at things and solve it haphazardly you might make a mistake along the way. In your best interest try and calm your spirit. Over thinking or over worrying about the situation worsens it. Your restlessness does not solve the problem faster.

Assuming you just experienced a heartbreak the best thing for you is not jump into another relationship immediately. It may be that you are not actually in love with the new person but rather using him or her to fill an emotional void. This you will find out only when you have finally gotten yourself together.

Please calm down ok, you will surely get through your most difficult moments. Remain blessed.

I love you,


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