You did your very best. You prepared very well. You didn’t leave any stone unturned yet you got a negative result. Now you are blaming yourself, conjuring up one thousand and one ways you were responsible for your failure. This is not good. This is to your own detriment. Why? By constantly blaming yourself, you run the risk of hating yourself. Another being that you run the risk of developing a low self esteem and loosing confidence and belief in yourself.

Stop blaming yourself. Stop using those negative words to describe how bad you are. You did your best so why make it look like you were all the while wasting your energy. If your best wasn’t good enough, you up your game by going further and not for you to kill your self confidence.

What if you are really the one responsible for your failure ,how do you go about it. First of all acknowledge that you didn’t do your best. Second is to make up your mind to do your best next time. The third is for you to prepare better.

But when you are sure you did your best don’t keep blaming yourself life is sometimes that way. Failure is actually a delayed success.

Remain blessed, may God assist you in all your life endeavours, get close to him.

I love you,


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