“Just know that this life is mysterious and everything is in God’s hand. Everything is dependent upon God”. These are the encouraging words of my bosom friend Kenneth which I have kept in the back of my mind as a reminder not to give up.

There are certain things that might happen to you which you might never get the chance to know why. There is no explanation for it on earth but you might get to know why when we reach heaven.

Don’t try to explain every unexpected events in your life or question God.

Be contented to know that everything on earth is dependent on God. He alone knows tomorrow. He alone can save us. The most important thing in life is to be in a good relationship with God.

If you need anything ask him, don’t be afraid or shy. If you are in trouble call upon him. If you are in doubt ask him to take charge. Pray for people especially those in need of God’s help.

There are many events that have taken place in my life, challenges that have shaken my faith. But in all I do not try to question God or try to explain everything because I cannot do so. My faith and trust in God is what I hold on to.

Trust in God, hold on to God and do not lose faith. Enjoy your life on earth. God wants you to be happy. My prayer for you is that any challenge or problem you are facing in life that God will deliver you from it. Amen. Happy Sunday

Remain blessed.
I love you


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