My heart was thumping fast. I could hear the gunshots. They gave different sounds some sounded like bombs, some like a broken glass others like the sound of a grinding machine. I ran and ran it yet it seemed I was walking. Bullets flew past me like in super hero hollywood movies. For a time I thought I was Superman . My eyes, my nose, my ears were all feeling hot. The tear gas was just too much.

“Come na, why una dey run?” the uniformed man with the gun shouted at the freedom fighters.

“You want your own country come and take it na”.

I scampered to safety. A collapsed partially burnt building provided the shelter I so much desired. I had to lay flat on the ground to avoid stray bullets. The whole place was messed up. The ground smelt of burnt drugs, it must have been a pharmacy shop.

I could still see the view outside through a small hole on the wall. Bodies lay on the ground, some were still alive shouting for help others were lifeless. The dream of a nation is dying. These events I know will not be reported, the killings will be denied. It will be covered up. We will be accused of attacking the men with the guns with our bare hands.

I peered through the hole again the sight I beheld was a painful one. The lifeless body of Empire lay on the ground. Have I just lost a dear friend. Empire cannot leave this planet just like that, who will entertain us with his jokes. The funny guy was capable of making a dead man burst into laughter. Empire did you just leave your friend Afamefuna behind.

“What if am the one who was gunned down. All my dreams will go down with me into the grave.”

Mma had warned me to steer clear of this group of agitators. She threatened to leave me if I continued. Telling me to choose between her and the agitations. I love Mma but I still love my people. I am tired of seeing them suffer so much. I am tired of enduring all the discrimination, marginalisation and hate towards us. Only my father and grandfather supported me. They fought during the war. They never failed to nourish my zealous mind with their exploits during the war.

Suddenly I felt a hot object at the back of my neck. I quickly turned round and lo and behold a gun was pointing at me!

“Young man, stand up!” the uniformed man commanded me.

“What is really happening, is this a dream. Am I about to be killed. Or am I already dead,”

“Officer I beg I no follow” I pleaded with them on my knees,

“Oya, move or I will shoot you” the pot-bellied one commanded me.

“Shoot me? So am not dead, am still alive. Chukwu Okike Abiama daalu so!



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