WHAT ARE YOU THINKING (a poem by mcn)

What are you thinking?
Is either you are thinking positively or you are thinking negatively, If you are thinking positively you are safe,
This means you are thinking about the good things of life,
The wonderful and joyful events in your life,
The past joyful occasions in your life,
The future glory that will be yours,
The wonderful future that awaits you,

If you are thinking negatively,
You are not safe,
This means you are worrying about all the negative events in your life, You are dwelling on past failures, disappointment, and pains, You are worrying about your present painful predicament,
You are worried about your future,

This means Two things are involved,

It is either you develop high BP
or you get frustrated and commit suicide

AND I don’t want you to experience any of the two,

so stop worrying and start living,

I want you to be happy, ok

So smile for me
Luv u


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