Up till now I still do not understand why young women are advised to remain chaste before marriage (keep their virginity) and the same advice is hardly given to their male counterparts.

I still do not understand why in some cultures women who cheat on their husbands die in the act or run mad instantly but their male counterparts who cheat on their wives go free. Why?

Are men permitted to be promiscuous while women are forbidden. When as young boys growing up emphasis is on the virginity of girls and not on the virginity of both.

Young women are advised to be wary of the boys. To avoid getting too close to them because they may get them pregnant. This they obey and run away from the boys.

But unfortunately no one thinks it wise to admonish the boy child the same way the girl child is admonished. No tells him to respect and protect women and desist from turning them into sexual objects.

No one advises him to remain chaste till marriage. The society hardly talks about boys remaining virgins also. They are quick to condemn the girls who move around with boys labelling them prostitutes but sees the boys as heroes for their ability to have so many girls.

The society portrays men as savages or animals that do not have control over their sexual urges and they are allowed to express it. While the women are taught to be in control of theirs and then control the men when they approach them.

This is a serious misunderstanding of sexual expression in our society.

In order to tell us how wrong we are the Bible made it clear to us that anyone who engages in sexual immorality shall not inherit the kingdom of God. The Word of God did not say women but any person who disobeys the commandment of God, who defiles the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT him shall God kill.

I make bold to say that:
Virginity is for everybody
boys and girls alike.
Virginity is not a woman thing.

Both women and men should be taught and encouraged to remain virgins till marriage.

And to remain faithful in marriage.

God bless us all.

I love you



  1. This was a good point of view.
    The world is filled with people who thinks ass backwards.
    You made a great point.

    You know what’s funny sometimes when a man either remains a virgin until marriage or stay faithful to his wife, sometimes people will pick and make fun of him talking about he is missing out on life


  2. In the Bible, both men and women have equal responsibility to avoid sexual immorality. I think there is a greater emphasis on young women to remain virgins because of the consequence of pregnancy. A man can sometimes shirk his responsibility to care for a baby, but a woman is the one who must give birth.

    I wrote a short essay (450 words) on The Other Boleyn Girl called “Three Reasons to Delay Sex Until Marriage.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:

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