I haven’t written anything for a while,
because I don’t know what to write,

I know I should write something,
But I don’t know how to put down the words in my head
And those words actually do not exist,

Its still unclear to me,

I can’t explain my feelings,
I only know that am not having the best of it,

I am not crying and am not laughing.

Sometimes I feel the strength to be strong and push forward, And the next minute I don’t know why I should bother being strong.

It’s still unclear to me

I have lost many things and have experienced different aspects of pain, But never have I lost something that can never be recovered in this life, only in eternity,

Remembering the pains she was going through before finally letting go, Hurts me,

And the prayers that she shouldn’t go but stay here,

But Thanks be to God that she lives in heaven.



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