Right from my childhood I have always resisted comparison. Nothing hurts me more than when someone compares me to someone else on basis that I should be like him or her.

I’ve always had this belief within me that I’m me, mcn. I am unique and different from the next person.

This actually pushes me to be the best I am supposed to be.

Not playing catch up with anybody or imitating the life of another unique individual.

You are a complete different set of individual. You are like a maths set, with your own set of maths tools such pair of dividers, compass, rulers etc. This means You will dismantle great mathematical problems if you use what is already inside of you.

My advice for you is that you should grow at your own pace and rate. Don’t be bullied into unnecessary comparison with your mates.

You are far ahead of many of your contemporaries and so many are ahead of you. So calm down and work hard, grow at your own pace.



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