Passion is great enthusiasm (for something or enjoyment of something). Every great man that has affected this world had this vital force working inside of him.

It is the inner drive or force that pushes a person to do a particular task without complaining.

My dear friend in this journey of life when you are passionate about what you do, “YOU will achieve great things”.

Have you ever come across an automobile mechanic who is passionate about what he does? Such a person is always ahead of his
contemporaries. He is always calm and much more tactical than others. He sees the problem others fail to see.

Have you ever come across a police officer who is not passionate about his duty? Such a person is a nuisance to the society. He is corrupt and unreliable. He makes you hate the police force!

Now to you are you passionate about what you do?

How much effort do you put into your work or study?



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