BEWITCHED _flash fiction by mcn

“Ada wake up, Mercy, wake up, look I don’t know what is wrong with Anthoniella!” Mma called out in fear.

The girls quickly sprang up, and cuddled up together in fear.They were shivering and trembling.

“Freda, Freda, wait for me.” Anthoniella yelled out.

She rolled back and forth on the floor. Occassionally kneeling up and swirling her head. At the same time mumbling incomprehensible words.

“What should we do now? A visible shaken Ada asked.

“Lets call the security”. Mma suggested.

“No! Mercy interrupted, lets call a Priest”. Freda is her dead twin sister, I think she is either possesed or bewitched”.

“Possesed, bewitched”! the girls shouted in disbelief

Those words increased their fear. They held tight to each other and beckoned on Mercy to start praying.


Suddenly, Anthoniella stood up. She began to walk majestically towards the girls.

Flash! The light went off! Pitch darkness!



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