One day you will be rewarded for all the hard work you’ve put in into achieving your dreams.

You will be crowned a champion.

For all the sleepless night you have endured just to make sure you are well prepared for that exam or project, you will be greately rewarded.

I am sure of one thing GOD rewards all those who work hard in life. Never giving up or slowing down.

One day for all the persecution you have endured as A CHRISTIAN GOD will give you a crown of a success. You will be rewarded with a place in heaven, the dwelling place of GOD. DON’T GIVE UP!

Even though at the moment you are unable to see the result of your hard work, don’t worry. The result of your tireless struggles will surely be a joyful one. The suspense is what makes the reward more exciting!

May GOD bless the works of your hand.

See you at the summit of success.
Love you


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