Your body is yours and yours alone. No one else should be in control. No other power except the power you permit should take control of it.

Take control of your body. Declare that you are in charge.

If you allow the wrong power to control your body you are doomed.

The wrong power is the power of sin. When you give the sins of the flesh the permission to invade your body and use it for their ungodly purposes you have lost control of your body.

Make a firm decision today to take back your body and be in control of it. Give your body to GOD that he may use it for godly purposes.

The scripture made us to know that our body is the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT. It means that it is not the temple of fornication and adultery. Our body has nothing in common with sexual impurity, since its a holy ground, a temple.

Don’t for any reason believe that sexual temptation is greater than your resolution.



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