I know of a man called wine.
His company brings you joy,
And lets you forget your sorrows.

Wine is good,
Wine is beautiful,
One of the produce of the earth,
From the finest of plants it is brewed,

Wine makes celebrations joyful,
And makes the moment long lasting,

But beware of wine,
So that you don’t get lost in the moment
Making life changing mistakes,

Wine has sent many to their early graves,
Many have killed under its influence,

Wine enters a home and breaks it,
It enters the road and kills the users,

Dear friend,
A little drop,
A little drop,
A little more wine,
And That was how you lost control of yourself.

Great many a man,
You have destroyed,

Want to be great?
Keep wine at its place,
Find joy not in wine.

Drink moderately,
Or better still drink not wine,
I do not,
Say no to drunkeness,



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