You are only limited by the boundary you’ve set for yourself.

You can only expand your territory by conquering more lands.

If you choose to limit yourself to the available space you have now you will never know how large your portion is.

You don’t know how far you can travel on a journey until you start.

I know it’s not everyone that will make it to forbes list of most richest or influential men, only few will.

But that shouldn’t bother you.

Your priority should be to be the best you were meant to be.

Who knows you might be the next tech genius of our time.

It can only be achieved when you discover you’ve got wings and you need to fly higher.

“Aim at the highest good”. This was my high school’s motto.

Everyone including you should aim at the highest. Don’t pass it on to some very special individuals, you are special too.

I love you
See you at the top


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