FUMUKULO LAND(ep 1)_short story by mcn

Once upon a time, many years before the great Biu war. At the foot of the Biu mountain there lived a great people called the Fumukulo clan ruled by a great king and leader Great King Timori Tugo, the Mukulo of Fumukulo land.

Great King Timori was revered and respected by his people and the clans beyond his land. He was a great warrior and king. The gods gave him the strength of a lion and wisdom of a tortoise. The king has killed many wild beasts that roamed round his land using his strength and wisdom.

The king’s wife Emnun bore him twins. A boy and a girl, Prince Ulav and Princess Unev. Prince Unev inherited all the traits of his father. The gods gave him the special gift of beauty. He was handsome to a fault. All the young maidens of Fumukulo land dreamt of him and wished he would pick them as his spouse.

Princess Unev also was as beautiful as her mother. Her mother during her prime was the most beautiful girl in the whole Fumukulo land. The elders and wise men of the land gave king Timori the young Emnun as wife when he led the warriors to war against the invading king of Futjallon and won. Before him the Fumukulo had no king, but constant wars and invasion led them to seek out a leader. Timori who was at his prime then showed courage and bravery never seen in the land before. He managed to form an army made up of young, strong men and women of Fumukulo land. They trained day and night at the Biu mountain until they were too strong for any man to subdue. With this army of about 500 men and 200 women he defeated all the enemies of Fumukulo land. The reward for his courageous deeds was kingship and Emnun.

During the kingship of Great King Timori the land enjoyed a peaceful time but that was short lived. Enemies soon struck not from outside but from inside.

To be continued


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