HELLO _short story by mcn (part 1)

Ring! Ring!
Caller: Hello
Receiver: hi
Caller: please who is on the line
Receiver: who is on the line? Am the one!
Caller: who?
Receiver: me, the one you called. I should be the one asking you who is on the line not you?
Caller: ok, my name is Abraham, please to whom am I conversing with. Receiver: ok you are conversing with Sarah!
Caller: Sarah?
Receiver: Abraham!
Caller: hahaha, Sarah? Are you serious.
Receiver: maybe
Caller: you are really funny.
Receiver: thank you, by the way how did you get my number?
Caller: emm, how did I get your number? Ok I saw it.
Receiver: Saw it? Where?
Caller: I don’t know, am not sure. In a dream or in a trance. Receiver: good for you, I can’t see you are not serious, goodbye, mr Abraham. Caller: no wait!
Receiver: what?
Caller: am sorry, it just that your beautiful voice distabilized my brain. Can I please call you back when am stable?
Receiver: no!
Caller: please
Caller: Sarah


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