Mmasi (episode 1)_ short story by mcn

“Mmasi, Mmasi!
Where is this girl. Mmasi?”

“Maa!” answered Mmasi from the back yard. She runs out to meet his mother who was already getting angry and impatient with her.

“Mmasi why do you always wait for me to repeatedly shout your name several times before you answer me. Why? Because I know you heard me the first time.” she asked.

“Mama it’s because my friends said it’s dangerous to answer a call the first time because it may be the spirits calling you. And if you answer them is either you die immediately or they will take you to the land of the spirits, that’s why we have to wait to hear the second call to make sure it’s human beings calling us.” Mmasi explained.

The two women Mama Mmasi and Madam Philo couldn’t curtail their amusement as they burst out laughing following Mmasi’s explanation.

“Hahaha, spirits are now calling you Mmasi? Children of nowadays you won’t kill me!”

to be cont


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