Old times,
Remembering the old days,
When we used to play in streets,

Times when we ran through the neighbourhood,
Naked and unashamed,
Innocent and carefree,

Building castles on sands,
Making beautiful crafts,

Raising matchstick children,
Creating beautiful families,
Cooking delicious meals,

Old times,
When night times were story times,
Gray hair elders,
Filling young generation’s hearts,
With stories of our ancestors past,

We sang and played under the moonlight,
Enjoying our childhood days,

Old days,
When we slept in the open,
On the local mat,
Never afraid of robbers or witches,
Enjoying the cool breeze of harmattan,

Do you remember,
When we travelled distances on our father’s bicycles,

Of when we crossed 7 mountains and 7 rivers to receive formal education,

Times when we climbed trees to steal fruits,
Those times we fell down and broke our legs,

Old times!



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