We are a team,
Team “we”

Our game is fair play,
Our victories well deserved,

We are together forever,
We fight our battles together,

We win together,
We lose together,

We love each other,
We help each other
We fight for one another,

We never give up,
Coz we believe in ourselves,
We are the best,

We preach love,
Coz love keeps us together,

We preach unity,
Coz unity made us one,

We preach peace,
Coz peace invigorates us,

We are the children of the world,
We are the future generations,
The future leaders,

We come from different places,
But we stay in one place,

We are of different colours,
But of the same heart and mind,

We are one,
We are not different,
We are a team
Team “we”

Team “we” says…
Children of the earth,
Gather for our next match is against,

Hate, rape, crime, terrorism & racism,

Together we will win!



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