Hi dear,

What’s up? Welcome to my world.

Who am I?

My name is Marcel Chijekwu Nduaguba, my friends call me mcn.

I Am A Writer!

Marcel MCN is a writer
Am a writer


Writing is my passion, I write poems, stories, motivational articles and so much more. Check out MY BLOG for all the juicy contents I have for you. To know more about creative writing click here CREATIVE WRITERS.

I Am a Web Designer!

MCN web designer
Am a web designer

This means that I design, develop and build websites for individuals, businesses or brands. If you or your brand or business don’t have a website yet what are you waiting for contact me let it me design one for you, ok? To learn more about web development just click here CREATIVE WEB DESIGNERS.

I Am the founder of Genius Palace.

Genius Palace
Genius Palace
This is my pet project, my passion for the youths inspired me to do this. It’s a community I created for the youth to empower them in life. To learn more about this community just click here THE GENIUS PALACE.. Also Genius Palace has a news/media site called The Press Genius, click here THE PRESS GENIUS to learn more.

I love Talking about Jesus.

psalms 1 1
psalms 1 1
I love spreading the good news about Christ Jesus because I don’t want to be the only one enjoying the goodness of the Lord. Today I am inviting you to join me, give your life to Christ. To learn more about this good news just click here Genius For Christ.
Hey, want to say hi?
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Remain blessed
I love you.

Jeff Eze

MCN has proved himself to be a reputable web designer with the professional way he handles my website. Kudos to him. I do also enjoy his writings especially his short stories and poems.

Jeffrey Kings

Ohagwu Emmanuel

I really like your writings mcn, please do keep it up. I’m already a member of Genius Palace and I must say it has been a wonderful experience.

Ohagwu Emmanuel

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