I am Marcel Chijekwu Nduaguba, known to my friends as mcn, this is my site. I am a writer, blogger and web designer/programmer. I am also the founder and CEO of Genius Palace a community that empowers young people to go higher in life.

Hi dear!

What’s up?, I am glad that you are here, so my dear “Welcome to my Online Home”. My name is Marcel Chijekwu Nduaguba known to many by my nickname “mcn”, which is an abbreviation of my names. You can call me anyone that suits you, ok?

I am a writer, web designer/programmer and blogger and a spreader of the Gospel of Christ. I like reading, writing and researching. Actually I like knowledge that’s why I like reading and researching.

I love science, I have always wanted to be a scientist right from childhood. So when an opportunity to learn more about the science behind the internet came I took it. Today am a certified Web designer and Programmer, my dear if you need a website for your business or just for yourself or your brand, contact me I will do it for you. To find out more about my web designing skills just click here CREATIVE WEB DESIGNERS

I believe in the strength and potential of the youths. I have a geniume interest and love for our young ones. I have a pet project for them that I am working tirelessly to accomplish. The Project name is Genius Palace. It is a community that enables the youths to come together and learn good values and also to work together to achieve their own dreams. If you would like to learn more about this just click here THE GENIUS PALACE. Genius Palace also has an online news/media site called The Press Genius click here THE PRESS GENIUS to find out more about it.

Do you like stories? I like stories alot, I used to save up money when I was in primary school to buy story books, novels, I bought the likes of sugar girl, the fruit of honesty, and many of them. Dear, Do you know that those things I was doing then were actually preparing me for greater things ahead. Today I don’t just read, I write too. So never you despise those little things. Click here CREATIVE WRITER for more info, and check out my blog MCN’S BLOG for all the juicy stories and writings I have for you. Dear please subscribe to this my site to receive every of my posts, ok? Just click on the follow blog button and enter your email address.

Finally, I want to inform you today that God loves You. Jesus is the reason why I am alive today. Draw closer to Jesus and he will transform your life for good, I am a living testimony. God bless you as you give your life to Christ.

mcn loves you!
I really do love you!


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