Poverty is wicked!

I am not happy with some people. I just don’t know what motivates them, what is their life ambition or goal. Do they derive joy from seeing others suffer.

I was accosted by a barrow pusher yesterday. He was hungry and needed to eat. He pleaded that I atleast give him 50 Naira so that he can buy Okpa and eat. This man is old enough to be my dad, but he was begging me for food. I Nduaguba Marcellus Chukwujekwu, who am I to be the hope of a Barrow pusher. He explained that life has been hard for him, that he still has his wife and children to feed.

Meanwhile my leaders, the ones we elected or were selected for us are busy commissioning their stature (a multi-million project) while the poor man dies of hunger.

Am angry at my leaders, for they have made themselves gods and lords over us.

I cannot keep quite while people are begging me for their daily bread. A blessed nation with wicked leaders.

Poverty in Africa is a product of bad leadership!



“CALM DOWN”, these words are ever on the lips of my friend Kenneth. Whenever I confide in him about a particular difficult situation I am facing he never fails to tell me to first of all “calm down”.

These are the same words I have for you, “calm down”. You can’t overcome any challenges of life with an unclear mind, a distorted mood or a hazy mindset. You need to be calm and calculated. If you try to rush at things and solve it haphazardly you might make a mistake along the way. In your best interest try and calm your spirit. Over thinking or over worrying about the situation worsens it. Your restlessness does not solve the problem faster.

Assuming you just experienced a heartbreak the best thing for you is not jump into another relationship immediately. It may be that you are not actually in love with the new person but rather using him or her to fill an emotional void. This you will find out only when you have finally gotten yourself together.

Please calm down ok, you will surely get through your most difficult moments. Remain blessed.

I love you,



Violence against children is a pervasive
problem, very close to home, in Nigeria, with
six out of every ten children in the country
suffering one or more forms of physical,
sexual or emotional violence before they reach
18. More than 70 per cent experience this violence repeatedly. One out of two suffer
physical violence, such as punching, kicking,
whipping, burning, choking, trying to drown,
threatening or hitting with a weapon; one in four
girls and one in ten boys have experienced
sexual violence; one in five boys and one in six girls suffer emotional violence.

Want to help end violence against children click this link and join hands with unicef nigeria.

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There is not one path in life,
Each of us has his or her own path,

There is not one way to your destiny,
There are many paths,

Some take a shorter route while some take a longer route,

Some go through different path before connecting to the main path.

Whatever you are doing, do not forget that your path is different.

Follow your path, if its taking longer, don’t worry it will finally connect to the main road.

Follow your destiny route, its yours alone.

Jump into another person’s own route and you will get lost.

In the journey of life take your path.




In the compound where I live almost all the young boys there are living with their girlfriends. And some of the girls have started bearing children for their lovers. What a shame! This trend all of a sudden started from nowhere and swept through the compound like a wave, a satanic wave for that.

As a youth what type of life do you wish to live? Are you aiming at the pleasure driven life or the goal driven life. Are you imitating the life of baby mamas (the trend now) and baby papas or are you imitating the life of Christ?

The girls perform the role of a wife, taking care of the house, taking care of the man. While the boy performs the role of a husband, providing for the both of them.

Not so long ago one of those that is currently pregnant for the boyfriend asked another girl why she has refused to bear a child for her own boyfriend. The girl boasted that if she wanted to bear a child for the boyfriend she would have done so but at this time she just doesn’t want to. She then went further to boast of how many abortions she had had in the past, too many of them that she can’t recollect them all. Including the one that was clearly visible to everyone that she was pregnant and the pregnancy was up to four months but she was able to flush it out. Much to the amazement of everyone who knew her.

Who would this lady blame if when she eventually marries and the souls of the children she had aborted refuses that she should again bear any child. And the most painfully part of it is that most of them do not eventually marry each other. Along the line one thing or the other will separate them and that is after wasting their youth in a life of sexual immorality.

I am writing from experience just for you to know that this thing is not something I heard or read somewhere but something I am witnessing right now.

And I ask you again as a youth what type of life do you wish to live. Are you aiming at the pleasure driven life or goal driven life. As a parent what type of lifestyle do you teach your children? Are you encouraging them to follow the path of sexual purity or sexual immorality?

Dear young ones aim at or for CHASTITY. There is nothing in this world that last, everything passes in a flash. One day you will get married and you will have the whole of your lifetime to live with the opposite sex why rush into it now. Learn the act of delayed gratification. It is what has catapulted men of success to greater heights. Live a purpose driven life like the likes of Ben Carson.

Remember your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost do not make it the temple of sex, pornography and masturbation. If you have a sexual partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) end the relationship today. And see how your life will change for the better.

I want to see you successful and happy. I don’t want unwanted pregnancy to ruin it for you. I want you to fulfil your destiny, I don’t want satan to destroy your destiny through sexual sins.

Young girls aim to remain chaste till marriage.
Young boys aim to remain chaste till marriage.

May God continue to bless you all I love you.

Your friend