My heart was thumping fast. I could hear the gunshots. They gave different sounds some sounded like bombs, some like a broken glass others like the sound of a grinding machine. I ran and ran it yet it seemed I was walking. Bullets flew past me like in super hero hollywood movies. For a time I thought I was Superman . My eyes, my nose, my ears were all feeling hot. The tear gas was just too much.

“Come na, why una dey run?” the uniformed man with the gun shouted at the freedom fighters.

“You want your own country come and take it na”.

I scampered to safety. A collapsed partially burnt building provided the shelter I so much desired. I had to lay flat on the ground to avoid stray bullets. The whole place was messed up. The ground smelt of burnt drugs, it must have been a pharmacy shop.

I could still see the view outside through a small hole on the wall. Bodies lay on the ground, some were still alive shouting for help others were lifeless. The dream of a nation is dying. These events I know will not be reported, the killings will be denied. It will be covered up. We will be accused of attacking the men with the guns with our bare hands.

I peered through the hole again the sight I beheld was a painful one. The lifeless body of Empire lay on the ground. Have I just lost a dear friend. Empire cannot leave this planet just like that, who will entertain us with his jokes. The funny guy was capable of making a dead man burst into laughter. Empire did you just leave your friend Afamefuna behind.

“What if am the one who was gunned down. All my dreams will go down with me into the grave.”

Mma had warned me to steer clear of this group of agitators. She threatened to leave me if I continued. Telling me to choose between her and the agitations. I love Mma but I still love my people. I am tired of seeing them suffer so much. I am tired of enduring all the discrimination, marginalisation and hate towards us. Only my father and grandfather supported me. They fought during the war. They never failed to nourish my zealous mind with their exploits during the war.

Suddenly I felt a hot object at the back of my neck. I quickly turned round and lo and behold a gun was pointing at me!

“Young man, stand up!” the uniformed man commanded me.

“What is really happening, is this a dream. Am I about to be killed. Or am I already dead,”

“Officer I beg I no follow” I pleaded with them on my knees,

“Oya, move or I will shoot you” the pot-bellied one commanded me.

“Shoot me? So am not dead, am still alive. Chukwu Okike Abiama daalu so!




“HE IS COMING!” Deborah exclaimed. Her eyes wide open, eyeballs never blinking or moving. She lay straight on the hospital bed like a soldier.

Father David looked perplexed. Everyone was looking up to him to provide answers or find a solution.

Gabriel’s eyes’s were red shot, everything looked unreal to him. From the terrible accident his wife had and to the three weeks she spent in coma and now this. She came out from the coma to so much rejoicing and celebration. Now the joy has given way to fear.

“HE IS COMING!” Deborah exclaimed. “Tell everyone he is coming. Let them get ready, the time is near.”

Father David was deep in thought, he has to come up with a solution.

“Is she possessed? Should I call an exorcist. Is she having
revelations and visions? AND WHO IS COMING?” he mused.




Shakur kept on walking, pretending not to have heard the call. There is fire on the mountain. He increased his pace, was almost running. But he needn’t show it lest they suspect him.

Odinga had just called to inform him that Ekelebe (Police) is in Obiagu. Let all man find his way. The whole street looked quiet and scanty. This is not Obiagu-like, a place that is ever busy and lively especially on weekends. Both Gardaffi and Pacman have left, he didn’t receive the information on time because he wasn’t with his phone.

“Young man, I said stop.” the strong hefty man in black Jeans and blue top commanded Shakur.

He ran towards Shakur and pulled him back by the hand. He nearly fell by the impact but Shakur managed to steady himself.

“Oh boy wetin na. Why you wan injure me. Wetin I do you.” shakur shouted at him in Pidgin English.

The man was not in the least bothered by Shakur’s outburst. He stood face to face with him. He held Shakur by the shoulders and began to question him.

“Young man, do you know a man called Shakur?”

“Em em I, I”, Shakur mumbled,
“Shakur, I don’t know him, I have never heard of such a name in my life before.” He lied.

The man gave him a mischievous smile. He moved back a little and made a sign with his hands. Immediately two other men each looking dangerously strong like him ran up to them.

“Young man, do you know Ikedi Johnson Azubuike?” He again questioned Shakur.

“No, I don’t know all these names you are calling. And why are you guys interrogating me. Who are you guys?”

Shakur tried to appear undisturbed. He pocketed his hands and looked at the officer eyeball to eyeball. He had to appear strong. These people are looking for him. They even know his real names. And with the way they were throwing the questions at him they must be suspecting he knows something about the person they are looking for.

The man drew back and turned towards his two companions. They began to speak in low tones, Shakur couldn’t make out what they were saying. As they spoke they intermittently turned to look at him. One of the two men brought out a Silver Ipad and flipped through it. He showed them something in the phone and they all looked at Shakur and nodded in agreement with smiles.

“What could that be? Do they have his picture in their phone or what?” His thought pounced up and down.

Shakur was getting impatient. He adjusted his face cap downwards trying to conceal his identity from them. He had to go before these men discovers who he really is. Just as he turned to go, he thought he heard someone shout “wait”. But he can’t wait or stop he had to go. He made to run. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his back that paralysed him. And then another in his stomach and then his head. And in one swoop they brushed him down.

Shakur felt pain all over his body. They desceded heavily on him. He could hear their harsh voices as they cursed him.

“Criminal, Idiot!”
“You think you can deceive police. Young man your time is up!” Time to pay for your sins!”

Shakur couldn’t understand what was happening. What went wrong. He could hear the voices of mothers and children. A crowd must have gathered.

” Come no be Shakur be that!” a passer-by remarked.

“A whole shakur, trouble dey oh.” another said.

The memories of his childhood began to flood through his mind. He could see his mother crying and begging him to desist from gang life and to lead a good life. But Azubuike wouldn’t heed her advice. And soon enough he became the undisputed Emperor in the whole Obiagu. Feared by many. Arrested many times but never been to prison. He knows how to press the right buttons. He knew the right persons and have worked for many influential men.

The pains were too much and it distorted his thinking.

Then suddenly everything went blank. Voices died down. Pains ceased.

Shakur woke up terrified. He couldn’t make out where he was. Was he dreaming? He closed his eyes and opened it again. He couldn’t see anything everywhere was dark. Where is he? Whats happening? Is he dead. Many questions flooded his mind. He closed his eyes and tried to relax his mind.

Slowly everything began to fall in place. The pains came back in torrents. The memories slowly began to make a return.

“But who were those guys. Unlike the regular police men they usually bribe, these ones are new and dedicated.”

He opened his eyes again, same story everywhere was dark. It became clear to him that they had put him in a dark room.

Shakur felt sorry for his life. He wished to turn back the hands of time. Is it already late? He has killed, raped, kidnapped and robbed people. How much of a punishment will be given to him, life imprisonment or death sentence. Can any punishment be equal to his misconducts. Shakur wished he could be given the opportunity to advise people against gang life and bad friends.

“Shakur nwa Obiagu is this how your life will end?” He mused.

….to be continued




The sky mumbled, speaking in an incomprehensible language. Its own way of informing the inhabitants of the planet of what is about to happen. From a bright sunny morning it was turning into a dark gloomy morning. The very many trees at the river bank swayed from side to side. Someone was shaking it, none other than the invisible wind. With it’s strong invisible hand it carried off all that stood on its path.

Out in the cold, at the edge of the river, was Shola, shivering and cuddled up into a ball like a snail retracting into it’s shell. He wrapped his arms round his legs, brought them closer to his body for more warmth and then buried his head between his knees, Eyes shot, oblivious of the happenings in his surroundings, Shola was lost in thought.

“Which way now” he thought. Wouldn’t plunging into the river end all the pain and save all from further disappointment.”

He thought about his mother she must be waiting for him at home now, wondering why he is not yet back as he had promised. He left his phone at home before leaving which means no one can contact him even if they wished to. He had promised to return as soon as he is through with his exam, so as to help her pound the palm fruits and attend to some other chores.

As he recalled the events of the past few years that had pushed him to this despicable point, Tears trickled down his cheek. Five years have now passed and he is still unsure of what the future holds for him.

He was the dream child of every parent. Intelligent, hardworking and obedient. He classmates envied him for what seemed to them an unnatural brilliance. His parents were very proud of him. Most especially his father who never failed to tell everyone that cared to listen that Shola his son would soon be the first barrister from their community.

Five years down the line now and the very intelligent boy is still unable to secure admission into the university. The cause of his failure he could not explain. At one point in time it was attributed to spiritual manipulation from his enemies who were unhappy with the direction his life was taking. This prompted him to start avoiding some persons who seemed to him the enemies behind his predicament.

And to cap it all his mates were now graduating while he was still struggling to enter. Frustration had set in. His father was no longer praising him as before. He could no longer boast of him as before and this has made him a little bit distant from him. He himself wasn’t left out of the frustration. He has found himself easily irritated and angry at the slightest provocation. He was becoming more gloomy and withdrawn. Unnecessarilly shy and nervous before his contemporaries and this was certainly not the one who wants to be a lawyer. What has happened to his cheerful, funny and outgoing nature? Shola had no answer. He found it hard to come out in public, for everytime he ventures out someone must ask about his academic pursuit and they never failed to make a demoralizing statement. His self confidence and self esteem were now slowly departing from him, he was now finding it hard to believe in himself which was unlike him. His spiritual life was heading for a total collapse, his belief in God was in danger. Shola was really not himself, prayer became a burden instead of habit of life. Those who were close to him in church were able to detect his declining spiritual life and kept on admonishing him. He thought about travelling far away, away to an unknown land, where no one knew him and no one would judge him but he couldn’t bring himself to abandon his family.

And now he has just finished another entrance exam and he is as of before unsure of his future. Had he not had a terrible system failure maybe he could have done better. But who would believe his story of having a faulty system. System failure, unfriendly invigilators, all these had contributed to his uneasiness in the hall, rendering him incapable of thinking rationally and clearly. Sweating even though the hall was air conditioned, thoughts of the previous year’s failures and disappointment weighed heavily on him. He was almost going crazy. Before he could gather himself together the time allotted for the exam had elapsed leaving him with so many of the questions unanswered. Now Shola has decided to find a permanent solution to his problem and the solution lies deep down in the middle of the river. But has he the courage to plunge in and find it?

The smiling faces of his younger siblings flashed through his mind. How would they react if they were told that he will never return. Especially KC who would carry him off to play with him and feed him.

The rains were now coming in drizzles, little petals that had a gentle but annoying touch. Shola’s navy blue shirt slowly but consistently were now drenched. From the little drizzlling it turned into a heavy shower. The type that is capable of penetrating deep into the soil faster.

He has to make a decision now, the rain is getting heavier by the minutues. Suddenly as if prompted by an external force. He stood up. Eyes red and swollen, from the constant tears. He looked straight into the river. He dipped his two feet into the cold waters, strolled a further distance untill the water level was up to his chest.

He looked round as if searching for a lost jewel. And then Shola made a loud cry.

“I am Shola Michael Ogundele Jr son of Shola Michael Ogundele Snr.
I will not give up. I will fight untill I win. I will overcome my challenges. I will fulfil my destiny and achieve my dreams!”

His voice was shaky. Tears continued to trickled down his cheek and run down into the river, the hot tears mixing with the cold water.The cold made him shiver and he knees jerked often. Nevertheless he defied all odds and continued.

“Whoever you are now you listen. I am a Child of God. And even if I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I shall fear no evil. For many are afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them all. I am a champion, I am a winner not a loser. I am not a failure. I Shola will go back home and fight till I win. So help me God. Amen!”

Immediately Shola finished speaking, a loud deafening bang of thunder sounded. Followed by a frightening flash of lightening. The heavens have voiced their approval. He ran out of the water and headed for his home. Running as fast as his legs could carry him just as the rains kept on increasing it’s own pace and intensity.

And never ever again to undertake such a mission.




“Elders”. Maazi Obiechina finally spoke after several minutes of silence.

“You all know why we are here. It is said that a toad does not run in the daylight for nothing.”

“Yes, you are a true son of the land.” Maazi Ukachi applauded him, he nodded his head and stamped his staff on the ground in a gesture of agreement. Maazi Ukachi looked at the faces of the old men that had formed a circle at his Obi. Their gray hair showing signs of wisdom that the gods had bestowed on them with age. They were all looking pensive and moody.

“Elders.” Maazi Ukachi continued. Our people has a saying that a child that refuses his mother to sleep, he himself will not sleep.

“That is true.” they murmured in agreement.

“The events that has taken place recently in our communities clearly warns us that a man should not fight with his chi. Our people are dying not because of any disease but because of their stubbornness. We are here to deliberate and find a solution to the problem we are currently facing.”

He looked up at them and spread open his two palms.
“I hope I have spoken your mind.”

“Yes you have.” they said in unison.

“I think we should invite the chief priest, the mouth piece of the gods to consult the gods and tell us the way forward.” Maazi Okoroeze suggested.

He then stood up and pointing his walking stick in the air as if to warm an erring child, continued.
“But before then let us send a message to the community through the town crier that they should desist from tempting the gods because the gods are wise. This is my own suggestion my fellow elders. ” He then sat down and rested his jaw on his walking stick.

“Thank you Maazi Okoroeze you spoke well the gods are really wise. Maazi Ukachi praised him.

“I couldn’t believe it when my younger brother’s wife Ojiugo woke up one day as if prompted by bad spirits decided to go against our customs and traditions. Maazi Ukachi said. Looking at the faces of the elders before him he could see their faces were that of disappointment

“Could you believe it that Ojiugo took a climbing robe and went to tap palm wine. My elders does a woman climb Palm tree not to talk of tapping palm wine in our culture”? He asked.

“no, never.” the men shouted in agreement, each shaking his head in disbelief,

“my greatest bewilderment came when her husband my brother Afamefuna supported her and told me that our culture is outdated and needed to be made away with,”

“Outdated, this is strange, the culture and traditions that was handed over to us by our ancestors has now become archaic.” Maazi Eyinnia the youngest among them and who was a renowned dibia said. He had learnt it from his father and his father in turn had learnt it from his own father, and thus the art and craft of traditional medicine had been passed down to them from generation past.

“But i wasn’t suprised when they brought her back spread on mat. She fell down from the palm tree as soon as she reached the top. Telling you that the gods are wise that we should always learn to leave things the way they are and not fight with the gods.” Maazi Ukachi concluded.

“This is almost the same thing that happened to Mgborie, Maazi Okwunuka’s stubborn daughter, who decided to go to the Iyioji stream at midday when it is forbidden to go near it at such an hour because the goddess of the river usually have their meeting at that hour. You know what happened to her?

“I do not know oh, i have not heard the story. Maazi Ejiofor replied him, eager to hear more.

“My brother she got drowned and till today nobody have seen her corpse as the gods have refused to release it.”

“That serves her right.” They said.

“Alright, my fellow elders I think Maazi Okoroeze’s suggestion is the best or has anyone any other ideas? Ukachi asked.

“No.” they replied him

“Well then we shall gather here next eke market day. After now I will send for the town crier and also send someone to go and inform the chief priest of our decision.” Ukachi informed them.

They dispersed each to his home.



Shake it off, Motivational Stories for You.

Shake off Your Problems

A man’s favorite donkey falls into a deep precipice. He can’t pull it out no matter how hard he tries. He therefore decides to bury it alive.

Soil is poured onto the donkey from above. The donkey feels the load, shakes it off, and steps on it. More soil is poured.
It shakes it off and steps up. The more the load was poured, the higher it rose. By noon, the donkey was grazing in green pastures.

After much shaking off (of problems) And stepping up (learning from them), One will graze in GREEN PASTURES.

Don’t give up because of your problems. You still can do more, you can do better. You are not going to be swallowed by adversities.

What is it that is giving you a hard time going forward, come on shake it off. Shake it off.

quotes to inspire you in