I haven’t written anything for a while,
because I don’t know what to write,

I know I should write something,
But I don’t know how to put down the words in my head
And those words actually do not exist,

Its still unclear to me,

I can’t explain my feelings,
I only know that am not having the best of it,

I am not crying and am not laughing.

Sometimes I feel the strength to be strong and push forward, And the next minute I don’t know why I should bother being strong.

It’s still unclear to me

I have lost many things and have experienced different aspects of pain, But never have I lost something that can never be recovered in this life, only in eternity,

Remembering the pains she was going through before finally letting go, Hurts me,

And the prayers that she shouldn’t go but stay here,

But Thanks be to God that she lives in heaven.




Even though biology has explained that it is the man who determines the sex of a child, some people still accuse the woman of being responsible. It is no longer news that some women are sent out of their husband’s house because they failed to produce a male child.

The same scenario plays out when a couple are childless after two or more years of marriage. The family and the society at large will accuse the woman of being barren.

We as the members of the society need to right these wrongs against women.

A woman do not determine the sex of a child rather it is the man’s sperm (x or y) that determines it. If a couple finds it difficult to bear male children they should visit a doctor who will advice them on how to get the desired child.

Infertility is not exclusive to women a man can also be infertile. They should visit a doctor who will access them and proffer solutions.

Love you
_ mcn cares_



Up till now I still do not understand why young women are advised to remain chaste before marriage (keep their virginity) and the same advice is hardly given to their male counterparts.

I still do not understand why in some cultures women who cheat on their husbands die in the act or run mad instantly but their male counterparts who cheat on their wives go free. Why?

Are men permitted to be promiscuous while women are forbidden. When as young boys growing up emphasis is on the virginity of girls and not on the virginity of both.

Young women are advised to be wary of the boys. To avoid getting too close to them because they may get them pregnant. This they obey and run away from the boys.

But unfortunately no one thinks it wise to admonish the boy child the same way the girl child is admonished. No tells him to respect and protect women and desist from turning them into sexual objects.

No one advises him to remain chaste till marriage. The society hardly talks about boys remaining virgins also. They are quick to condemn the girls who move around with boys labelling them prostitutes but sees the boys as heroes for their ability to have so many girls.

The society portrays men as savages or animals that do not have control over their sexual urges and they are allowed to express it. While the women are taught to be in control of theirs and then control the men when they approach them.

This is a serious misunderstanding of sexual expression in our society.

In order to tell us how wrong we are the Bible made it clear to us that anyone who engages in sexual immorality shall not inherit the kingdom of God. The Word of God did not say women but any person who disobeys the commandment of God, who defiles the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT him shall God kill.

I make bold to say that:
Virginity is for everybody
boys and girls alike.
Virginity is not a woman thing.

Both women and men should be taught and encouraged to remain virgins till marriage.

And to remain faithful in marriage.

God bless us all.

I love you


YOU HAVE CHANGED (musings by mcn)

We met during your first year. As a fresher you were young, vibrant , beautiful and dedicated. And above all you were innocent, spiritual and godly. We tapped into your zeal in the service of God. In our fellowship you were our unelected leader.

You took your studies very serious. You shunned all form of boyfried-girlfriend relationship. You said you didn’t want to be distracted by a relationship. I was a friend who loved you but I dare not tell you. Hence I had to be contented with just being your friend. I admired you for your simplicity, your love of God and your jovial and friendly nature.

In your second year I began to notice changes in your lifestyle. You were gradually drifting away from whom you were to whom you are not. Your zeal for the Lord was gradually dwindling. You now had excuses for not attending fellowship, Masses or any other spiritual gathering. I noticed your clothes were getting shorter and tighter by the day. Your dresses now becoming more revealing and explicit than you would have loved. You were once against women wearing trousers but now your views have changed.

You now speak of how you would love to see what a party looks like. You simplicity was fast departing from you. You are now more concerned and conscious of how you look. You now want to dress in the latest fashionable clothes. Expensive lifestyle is where you are gradually moving into even though your financial background cannont afford it. Your cycle of friends has changed too. You no longer move with believers but with unbelievers. Even I your best friend could have been left out if not that I fought back. I fought back because there is no way I would watch the love of my life drift away from me.

In your third year I couldn’t recognise you anymore. You completely changed. You became a complete opposite of who you once were. You left our fellowship. You hardly went to church. We preached and preached till we became worn out and retired to only praying for you. You became more daring in your dressing. Indecent exposure became your signature style. You now refer to your self as “hot baby”, “slay queen” “slay Mama”, “baby la hot” and so many other ungodly phrases. You are no longer “sister Mary”.

The first class degree you were once pursuing you have abandoned. You are now contented with a pass grade. I don’t know how many boyfriends you now have. But I do know of “Mike, Emmy, Joe and Kayode. Your expensive lifestyle had to be maintained so you resorted to having sugar daddies. I find it hard to recognise you physically. You were once African black beauty but now you are “white” in complexion. Your hair were once black but now it’s coloured yellow .

I don’t know if there is any party on campus you failed to attend. You are now a club girl. I don’t know what to do. I have lost a friend to the pleasures of life. I doubt if you are still a virgin. What else would your numerous boyfriends and sugar daddies ask in return for all the money and gifts they shower on you if not sex. I am convinced about this because virginity to you is now over hyped and out-dated.

I want to abandon you and leave you to die in your sinfulness. But I cannot. I cannot because God never stops seeking for a lost sheep, therefore I cannot abandon you. Secondly I still love you very much. My love for you haven’t changed even though you have changed. I still know that the good in you is still alive but unconscious, it is still inside you. I hope that after reading this you will have a change of heart and return. Take care and God bless you.

I still love you very much
Your friend



Violence against children is a pervasive
problem, very close to home, in Nigeria, with
six out of every ten children in the country
suffering one or more forms of physical,
sexual or emotional violence before they reach
18. More than 70 per cent experience this violence repeatedly. One out of two suffer
physical violence, such as punching, kicking,
whipping, burning, choking, trying to drown,
threatening or hitting with a weapon; one in four
girls and one in ten boys have experienced
sexual violence; one in five boys and one in six girls suffer emotional violence.

Want to help end violence against children click this link and join hands with unicef nigeria.

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