Leaders of Tomorrow should be Trained Today

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Youths all over the world are tagged leaders of tomorrow. This has become a cliche of some sort. This is more of a dream or an anthem rather than reality. What could be the cause of this?

My answer is simple Leadership training is lacking. What then is the solution?

My solution is simple too, Leadership Training. Youths should be trained in the act of leadership right from their elementary school all through their educational pursuit. Leaders of tomorrow should be guided on what makes a true leader. They shouldn’t be allowed to learn the wrong idea of leadership promoted by greedy politicians. They should be formed in the right way, without this they will either become a pain in the neck to the nation or develop an indifferent and non challant attitude towards leadership issues.

My fellow leaders of tomorrow stand up and let us move to the Leadership…

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Peering and gawking (Synonyms for the verb ‘look’)

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About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty

by Kate Woodford

One thing that we like to do on this blog is consider the many different ways that we express the same thing in English. This week we’re focusing on looking. There are a lot of synonyms for the verb ‘look’, but as we observed in a previous post, ‘Many words in English have the same basic or overall meaning and yet are significantly different for one or more reasons.’

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One of the reasons why we marry is for companionship. That desire to have someone close to your heart. This companionship can be enhanced through effective communication among couples.

In a healthy and loving marriage, couples talk freely, openly, and feel that they are safe when they share their most private thoughts.

They comfortably voice their worries and feelings when difficulties arise and express gratitude when things are good.

Both partners talk respectfully and not in an accusatory manner or with hurtful or critical insults.

They listen attentively, trying to understand what their partner says with empathy
rather than interrupting their spouse and pointing out what’s wrong in what they are saying.

At the end of the talk, the couple feels positive about the
conversation, and feels like their concerns have been
understood and acknowledged.

Have a lovely marriage
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There is not one path in life,
Each of us has his or her own path,

There is not one way to your destiny,
There are many paths,

Some take a shorter route while some take a longer route,

Some go through different path before connecting to the main path.

Whatever you are doing, do not forget that your path is different.

Follow your path, if its taking longer, don’t worry it will finally connect to the main road.

Follow your destiny route, its yours alone.

Jump into another person’s own route and you will get lost.

In the journey of life take your path.