There is not one path in life,
Each of us has his or her own path,

There is not one way to your destiny,
There are many paths,

Some take a shorter route while some take a longer route,

Some go through different path before connecting to the main path.

Whatever you are doing, do not forget that your path is different.

Follow your path, if its taking longer, don’t worry it will finally connect to the main road.

Follow your destiny route, its yours alone.

Jump into another person’s own route and you will get lost.

In the journey of life take your path.




This month is another step on your way to happiness and realization of your dream.
Keep running and you’ll reach your goal very soon.

Happy new month!



Can you recall your primary school days? How serious were you in primary school? How often did you study whilst in primary school? Are you among those that once they come back from school, flies the school bag and uniforms into a heap of clothes and immediately rushes off to the football field. How often were you taught in your primary school? Were your teachers serious and dedicated? Did you go to a private primary school where the teachers are adequate and dedicated or to the public schools where the teachers are few and not dedicated?

I was privileged to have attended a private primary school but even then I was keeping tabs with those in public schools and how well they fared. Today with what I am seeing in our public schools I am of the opinion that our public primary schools are in need of help.

Education has been recognized as a basic human right since the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But how many states in Nigeria can boast of a strong school system in place. How many can boast of a strong female education system in place especially in the Northern Nigeria.

Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC, the commission that is in charge of primary and junior secondary education in Nigeria has stated that Basic Education in Nigeria is “free”, “compulsory” and a right of every child.

My take is on this education that has been made free how good is it. Is it worth giving to someone as a free gift. I am of the opinion that it is not worth a free gift. Give to someone what he will appreciate and which will be beneficial to him now and in the future. The free education that is offered in our public primary schools is a hoax, not worth giving.

My reasons for refusing to accept such a free gift are many and I would enumerate it for you. And then my dear friend I want you to prove me right or wrong by going to our public primary schools and finding out the truth for yourself.

Do you know that most of our primary schools do not have good classrooms and some even do not have classrooms at all they study under the tree. What a shame. Free education that is offered under an unconducive environment is that one really worth giving. Children learning under a dilapitated building, when it rains they get drenched and they stop learning till the rain stops. When the sun is at its peak they feel the heat of the sun. What if but God forbid that the dilapitated building one day caves in and falls on them. Lovely and joyfully children coming to school with all seriousness to learn but they are not given the right learning environment. The irony of it all is that the government is capable of turning things around but they are not sensitive enough to do so. Their children are in private schools so it does not in any way affect them.

Please my dear leaders of Nigeria, The President, the senators, the reps, the Governors save our public primary schools. Save our poor parents, save our children. Give them better future, invest in their future. Take them as your children. Please rich philanthropists from all over the world come to the rescue of our public primary schools. God will bless you as you do so. UN, UNICEF, BILL AND MELINDA GATES and all good and well meaning organisations come and help our children in public primary schools.

The primary school that my elder sisters went to is in shambles today. I have a strong belief that the money that was budgeted to transform it have been embezzled. Why do I say so? It is because out of the three classroom blocks only one was renovated and the two other left in their pitiable state. A new classroom block was supposed to be added but it never went beyond the foundation stage. The pupils only study in one classroom block as I am speaking to you now. I want to ask who awarded those contracts can’t he be sensitive enough to find out if those contracts were well executed.

The teachers in public primary schools are few and not enough. The ones that are there are not motivated enough because of lack of incentives and issues of non payment of salaries. Even when the government employs teachers most of them do not go to teach in places of assignment. And at the end they will still collect their salaries. Supervisors and Headmasters that are supposed to monitor the teachers to make sure they are performing their duties are unfortunately aiding in the destruction of the school system. They collect bribes from the teachers in exchange for not reporting them. Who suffers at the end? It’s the pupil and the poor parents.

Another thing I have noticed is that those in public schools seems to be a bit behind in terms of learning the syllabus. I don’t know what textbooks and materials they use in learning. Those in private schools are far brighter and far ahead in the syllabus and the textbooks they use are very good. Maybe we need to look into what these children are learning. Are there teachers in need of training, which I know they need. Some of them are still teaching the children with the old knowledge and old syllabus which is no longer in use today. Thats why you see a primary one pupil in private school being more knowledgable than his counterpart in public school.

Today is Democracy day in Nigeria. A day we celebrate our return to Democratic rule after many years of military dictatorship. I wish the leaders will also include the little children among those who are to benefit from the dividends of democracy. Because I believe they have been neglected. Those who send their children to public schools are the poor ones, since no right thinking parent who has the means to train his kids will do so.

A UNICEF report I read about primary education in Nigeria states that Nigerian government is far behind in terms of providing good and quality education compared to other sub saharan regions. This is UNICEF report not mine. They are working on ground and should be able to see better than we do.

I want to appeal to all people of goodwill to please put pressure on the leaders so that they will transform our Primary Education into what it is supposed to be. And to all persons who have the means please help out, we need your assistance.

Thank you and God bless you.

mcn loves you



MASTURBATION is the manipulatation of one’s own genitals, or the genitals of (another), for sexual gratification.

In one of the Universities in Nigeria a story arose of a female student who was rushed to the University health center after the cucumber she was using to masturbate got stuck in her.
Whether the story is true or not no one knows nonetheless it is believed that some female student actually engage in such act. Not a good one.

Do you want to be free from this enslavement? Then read on.

Addicted to Porn? Find out how to end your ADDICTION TO PORNOGRAPHY click here ENDING YOUR ADDICTION TO PORNOGRAPHY.

ADDICTION is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Masturbation is addictive and just like any addiction it is harmful and dangerous to the life of the addict.

To unbelievers masturbation is normal but to us Christians masturbation is a sin just like any other addiction such drug, alcohol and porn.

Masturbation is not a men thing, women also struggle with it.

Porn and Masturbation poses a serious threat to believers who have no sexual partners (girlfriends or boyfriends) and who wishes to be pure. This is because it is done in private and no one among the brethren will know what is happening in such a person’s life. Unlike when the person is co-habitating with his or her sexual partner.

Married men and women also struggle with masturbation and porn.

Take these steps.


First step to being free is to confess our sins to God. Admit that you are addicted to masturbation, don’t deny it or try to come up with an excuse . Admit that you have defiled your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Do you know that masturbation actually comes from two words meaning “hand” and “defile” telling you that it means defiling yourself with your own hand. Admit your weakness, sin has made us very weak. You cannot win this battle unless you run to your creator for help. Satan is the origin of evil and he has his agents who are specially assigned the task of pushing people to masturbation and locking them up in that prison. Do you want to be free? Be Humble and Honest.


Understand that masturbation is a sin. You cannot stop it if you think it is not bad. If masturbation is not a sin what then is it? Certainly the Bible condemns any form of sexual relationship between people who are unmarried and also people who are married that leaves their partner for another.

Masturbation is having sex with yourself or with an object. Can you now see that it doesn’t fit into God’s plan of sex, which is union between two people a man and a woman who are married, for the purpose of procreation and intimacy. Can a woman ever become pregnant after masturbation?
Can you now see that it does not honour God. Can you now see that masturbation is cheating on your spouse.

Understand that it is a sin, it is outside of God’s plan of sex. It is actually of the devil’s making, to lead the children of God astray.


Reject all the false assumptions about masturbation. You know them very well. For you to be free you need not have same belief with unbelievers or those who have lapsed in their faith.

Reject all those belief that masturbation is good for your health. Reject the belief that is a natural means of relieving sexual urge, natural but what about it being ungodly. Reject all those theories some scientists and psychologists are coming up with in order to promote masturbation. It is the devil speaking through them. Even the devil spoke through Peter and Christ rebuked him telling him “GET BEHIND ME SATAN. Now tell those negative theories, beliefs and assumptions “GET BEHIND ME SATAN. Amen!


To some people nighttime is a dangerous time to others shower time is their dangerous time. What is your masturbation moment, do you know it? It is at this moment or time that the temptation, the urge to masturbate comes with so much force that it overcomes your reasoning and resolutions. Know your particular moment just like soldiers find out where their enemies are camped.

With your knowledge of that moment and time we are going to fight and win this battle. Amen


Where in particular do you masturbate most? Is it at the bathroom, or your bedroom? Could it be that it is at the restroom is your office or at your desk with your laptop. Think now, think back where has it been occuring most. Your brain has actually associated that place with pleasure from masturbation so anytime you step into that place the brains becomes excited ready to continue where you stopped. This is the same thing that happens at the particular time you masturbate. Get ready to attack this enemy camp and be free from its enslavement. Amen!


Do you know about these four triggers called HALT meaning HUNGER, ANGER, LONELINESS, TIREDNESS.

What triggers your masturbation desire? Is it loneliness, stress or happiness. Some people are triggered by porn or G-rated movies or erotica or anything related to sex such romance novels or erotic magazines and arts. I want you to find out yours. Some people have become too addicted to porn and masturbation that nothing triggers it anymore, this is a very severe case. Such persons are now living for porn and masturbation, it has now taken over their whole life. Work, food, friends and family is now to them porn and masturbation. No matter how far you have gone you are still redeemable. Amen


With your knowledge of the time, the place, and the trigger now is the time to work on them.

On moment, avoid them if you can. Fill your nighttime with godly activities, sleep early before the time you usually masturbate. Pray when that moment is about to approach tell God the hour has come for him to save you. At shower time, be fast and don’t stay too long at the shower and don’t touch your body unnecessarily. Pray also before going to the shower.

Be creative. I want you to be creative. Think of ways to end your masturbation addiction. You know your masturbation moment think of how you will counter and defeat it. God will give you ideas.

On Location, Same thing you did on moment. Pray before you enter that place. Place your computer at a place where people can see what you are doing. Sing worship songs while bathing, while in the restroom. Make your bedroom bright and godly, using Holy images and Biblical quotations to decorate it not naked celebrities and ungodly things. Now be creative you can come up with better ideas.

On triggers. Find out activities you enjoy in order to kill off stress and loneliness. Buy a game that actually makes your brain creative and play it so that your brain replaces that negative one with a positive one. Destroy all erotic materials in your possession, movies, books and the likes. Eat when hungry. Seek for counseling if you are dealing with emotional problems such as anxiety, loneliness and stress. Avoid idleness, it is the devil’s workshop.

Are you married. Become more closer and intimate with your spouse. If your sex life is not is not giving you the satisfaction it should, tell your spouse about it. Talk about it, proffer ways to make your marriage and sex life more fulfilling and happy. Apostle Paul warned us against allowing the devil to destroy our marriages through our sex life. The man or the woman denying the other sex. Both you and your spouse should give in to the other. You own your bodies, masturbation and porn should not take over. Amen!


Only God can set you free. That is why in all these steps you should go with God,






Study the word of God. Meditate on the word of God. Memorize the word of God. Most especially the word of God that talks about sexual sins. Read and Memorize the following verses.

Matthew 5:27-30| 1 Peter 2:11| Romans 8:13| Romans 6:12| 1 Corinthians 6:13| Galatians 5:17| Philippians 4:8| 2 Timothy 2:22| Psalm 101:2,3| Proverbs 6:25-29| Proverbs 5:18-20| Proverbs 8:13| Job 31:1-4| Matthew 5:8| Romans 8:6| 1 Corinthians 6:9| 1 Corinthians 6:18-19| 2 Corinthians 10:5, 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5| James 1:15; 4:3| 1 John 2:16,
This is your weapon of masturbation destruction. Keep them at hand whenever masturbation comes knocking. Tell him what the Lord says about sexual sins and see how he will fly away from you. Amen


Yes you are free. If the son of man sets you free you are free indeed. Now go and rejoice. God has delivered you. Praise the Lord! Alleluia

Remain blessed
I love you



The Pornography industry ranks among the world most consumed products. The porn industry is thriving because it’s product is an addictive one just like drug and alcohol, those who have tasted it just once would want to taste it again and again until they lose control of themselves.

Addiction to porn is a serious issue because one who is addicted loses touch with what true love is or what true human relationship entails. He or she will lose interest in sex or in his partner. Some husbands are no longer caring or don’t desire sex again with their partner all because porn has corrupted their mind.

Porn is an enemy and now it’s time for you to end your addiction to it. Share this article so that people who are addicted may find help.


that you are addicted to pornography,
that you have sinned against God,
that you have defiled the temple of the Holy Spirit which is your body, that you are addicted and you need to be freed,

Humble yourself before God so that your life will be transformed and made porn free.

In your heart that you want to end your addiction to pornography, in your heart that you want to be free,
In your heart that you want to experience true love,
in your heart that you want to live a porn free life,

Porn is anti social, it makes addict repulsive towards people,
Porn is anti love, it makes addict unable to love someone truly rather porn replaces that love,
Porn is anti productive, it makes addict crave for nothing except more pleasure, it makes addict waste their money in buying porn often without proper reasoning.

Pornography is of the devil, it’s not just physical it’s actually spiritual. Their is more to it than what you see on screen. It’s demonic, there are one thousand and one demon following any pornographic material released ready to mingle with any who invites it. A) PRAY MORE
Pray against the spirit of porn. Pray for liberation from the chains of darkness. Be a person of prayer like Jesus who prayed always. B)STUDY GOD’S WORD
Know what God says about sexual immorality. Fill your mind with God’s word and not unclean images. C)BE MORE ACTIVE IN CHURCH,
Be serious in your faith so that what your body and soul speaks about is God, God and not pleasure. D). HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD,
Going to Church regularly is not the same as knowing God personally. Who is Jesus to you? Know God on a personal level, be close to him. HE is your Father, your Master, your Redeemer. Your Lord and your Saviour.

Find out what pushes you to porn. Some take to porn as a way of relieving stress, some do it out of anxiety, depression or frustration. Some also take to porn when they are happy and are seeking to express their happiness. Erotic or seductive movies is also a factor. Then also some that are triggered by the sight of a beautiful or sexy lady. Idleness is very much a reason a lot of youth engage in it. What is triggers yours.

Seek help if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. You need to uproot it from it’s base. Stop watching erotic or seductive movies, movies such as fifty shades of gray, Game of thrones and the likes with high erotic content is not good for you. Read self help book about fighting porn addiction. Guard your eyes, it is the gateway to your soul. Stop admiring seductive ladies they are agents of darkness. Get busy, find a job, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Stop listening to bad secular songs that promotes sexual impurity. Stop tainting your mind, your soul.

Destroy all your porn videos, unsubscribe from all pornographic websites. Delete porn or bad Tv channels that shows erotic or porn movies. Clear out from your computer of all erotic pictures and movies or websites. Install a software that stops you from accessing pornographic websites (example covenant eyes). Put more godly things in your system, Bible, Holy pictures, Christian songs and messages. On your phone do the same. Clear out negative stuffs. Buy a smaller phone with no browsing or camera function and be using it for the time being till you are free and then you can go back to your smartphone.

When you are addicted to porn, you develop a bad impulse control. You are no longer in control of your impulse. You just keep watching it because you don’t know life outside of it. You need to work on yourself. Self control you need to develop it, so that you can say no to porn anytime it pops up. Do you have a vision, a goal? Is pornography helping you achieve it? Are you focused in life. Work on yourself, work on your dreams. Be addicted to your dreams not to porn. Try to imbibe these virtues; discipline, integrity, hardwork, honesty and determination.

Go for counselling, porn actually thrives in secrecy. Tell someone before it destroys your life. Tell your Pastor to help you overcome your addiction. Do you have a trusted friend tell him/her to help you. Join groups that help people addicted to porn, they will help you. Join websites that helps porn addict overcome their addiction.

Don’t down play your addiction it’s a very serious thing. So many spouses have left their partner because they found out they were addicted to porn. Porn is cheating. Don’t let it destroy your marriage or your life. Be determined, if you fall again rise, keep rising until you no longer fall.

Don’t give up, don’t quit until you win.

I hope this will help you overcome your porn addiction. Remember porn is not a boy thing women are also addicted. So if you are a lady same goes to you fight until you win.

If you need help you can send me a message via email at

leave your comments or suggestions below.

I love you
Remain blessed



I said my prayers
I thanked the Lord
For a new day, a new week and for new opportunity

I prepared for Mass
Went into the Church and sat with the brethren
I listened to Word of God
Received the body of Christ
and went home a happy man

I thought about my life, and my relationship with God and with people

I meditated on the scripture and repented of my sins
I decided to be good and to do good

I thought about my death and chose to go to heaven at the end I decided to follow Jesus for HE is the way

I became more active in my Church and my life changed

I decided to denounce the devil and all my sins
I abandoned chasing after women for sexual gratification
I chose purity over uncleanliness
I quit alcoholism and smoking,
I changed totally,
I tell the truth at all times
I became a better person

Temptations came but Jesus was stronger

Why don’t you join me in Church
Happy Sunday






Can you hear me
It’s a new day,

I just wanted to hear your beautiful voice,
And my day will be a beautiful one

I wish I could see your beautiful face,
And my day will never be a dull one

I wish I could spend the day with you,
And my day will forever be a memorable one

Wake up and smile