WHAT ARE YOU THINKING (a poem by mcn)

What are you thinking?
Is either you are thinking positively or you are thinking negatively, If you are thinking positively you are safe,
This means you are thinking about the good things of life,
The wonderful and joyful events in your life,
The past joyful occasions in your life,
The future glory that will be yours,
The wonderful future that awaits you,

If you are thinking negatively,
You are not safe,
This means you are worrying about all the negative events in your life, You are dwelling on past failures, disappointment, and pains, You are worrying about your present painful predicament,
You are worried about your future,

This means Two things are involved,

It is either you develop high BP
or you get frustrated and commit suicide

AND I don’t want you to experience any of the two,

so stop worrying and start living,

I want you to be happy, ok

So smile for me
Luv u



Don’t keep it to yourself, spill it out. Don’t try to conceal it, tell a trusted friend or a family member.

No man is island, that is the way life is meant to be. Tell someone about the pain in your heart, that problem you are encountering. Being strong doesn’t mean keeping your problem to yourself and dying emotional. The assuring words of a friend or a relative has a healing effect on you.

The person you talked to may not have an answer to your problem but you get better and stronger when you unburden your heart. And above all tell God about it. Spill it out all in prayer. You will be happier knowing full well that God is aware of what you are passing through.

You are stronger than you think you are. I know you will overcome all your challenges. Believe in yourself and in your God.

Remain blessed
I love you
Your friend



“Just know that this life is mysterious and everything is in God’s hand. Everything is dependent upon God”. These are the encouraging words of my bosom friend Kenneth which I have kept in the back of my mind as a reminder not to give up.

There are certain things that might happen to you which you might never get the chance to know why. There is no explanation for it on earth but you might get to know why when we reach heaven.

Don’t try to explain every unexpected events in your life or question God.

Be contented to know that everything on earth is dependent on God. He alone knows tomorrow. He alone can save us. The most important thing in life is to be in a good relationship with God.

If you need anything ask him, don’t be afraid or shy. If you are in trouble call upon him. If you are in doubt ask him to take charge. Pray for people especially those in need of God’s help.

There are many events that have taken place in my life, challenges that have shaken my faith. But in all I do not try to question God or try to explain everything because I cannot do so. My faith and trust in God is what I hold on to.

Trust in God, hold on to God and do not lose faith. Enjoy your life on earth. God wants you to be happy. My prayer for you is that any challenge or problem you are facing in life that God will deliver you from it. Amen. Happy Sunday

Remain blessed.
I love you



You did your very best. You prepared very well. You didn’t leave any stone unturned yet you got a negative result. Now you are blaming yourself, conjuring up one thousand and one ways you were responsible for your failure. This is not good. This is to your own detriment. Why? By constantly blaming yourself, you run the risk of hating yourself. Another being that you run the risk of developing a low self esteem and loosing confidence and belief in yourself.

Stop blaming yourself. Stop using those negative words to describe how bad you are. You did your best so why make it look like you were all the while wasting your energy. If your best wasn’t good enough, you up your game by going further and not for you to kill your self confidence.

What if you are really the one responsible for your failure ,how do you go about it. First of all acknowledge that you didn’t do your best. Second is to make up your mind to do your best next time. The third is for you to prepare better.

But when you are sure you did your best don’t keep blaming yourself life is sometimes that way. Failure is actually a delayed success.

Remain blessed, may God assist you in all your life endeavours, get close to him.

I love you,



“CALM DOWN”, these words are ever on the lips of my friend Kenneth. Whenever I confide in him about a particular difficult situation I am facing he never fails to tell me to first of all “calm down”.

These are the same words I have for you, “calm down”. You can’t overcome any challenges of life with an unclear mind, a distorted mood or a hazy mindset. You need to be calm and calculated. If you try to rush at things and solve it haphazardly you might make a mistake along the way. In your best interest try and calm your spirit. Over thinking or over worrying about the situation worsens it. Your restlessness does not solve the problem faster.

Assuming you just experienced a heartbreak the best thing for you is not jump into another relationship immediately. It may be that you are not actually in love with the new person but rather using him or her to fill an emotional void. This you will find out only when you have finally gotten yourself together.

Please calm down ok, you will surely get through your most difficult moments. Remain blessed.

I love you,



Violence against children is a pervasive
problem, very close to home, in Nigeria, with
six out of every ten children in the country
suffering one or more forms of physical,
sexual or emotional violence before they reach
18. More than 70 per cent experience this violence repeatedly. One out of two suffer
physical violence, such as punching, kicking,
whipping, burning, choking, trying to drown,
threatening or hitting with a weapon; one in four
girls and one in ten boys have experienced
sexual violence; one in five boys and one in six girls suffer emotional violence.

Want to help end violence against children click this link and join hands with unicef nigeria.

Follow them on twitter and facebook.



Time to change
Time for a change

Procastination gone
Direction in sight

Quiter spirit removed
Fighter spirit regained

Sin disowned
Righteousness embraced

Weakness lost
Will power restored

Distraction ignored
Focus in mind

Laziness abandoned
Power invigorated

Sin disengaged
Prayer empowered

Pleasure undriven
Goal driven

Negativity dismantled
Positivity acquired

Fear destroyed
Confidence gained

Hurts burnt
Love re-ignited

Pride humiliated
Humility raised

Enemies unfriended
Friendship rebuilt

Satan hated
God loved

Time for change
Change into champions
Change into winners
Change into fighters
Change into Christians
Change into you

© mcn



You are very good at what you do. You need not change to something else. You are talented. You have the needed talents to succeed. All you need now is to learn the arts and science of your talents. You need to learn the needed skills that will enhance your talent and send you through the ladder of success.

Be positive about what you do. Remember Rome was not built in a day. It might take time for you to reach the summit of your career. We all need patience, you need that too in building your talent.

Do you know that people who build on what they already have in them (talents, gifts) are more likely to live a happy successful life. Remember it’s not about the money but the satisfaction you get from doing what you are good in. The world famous writers and musicians are not just happy about what they do, they are also wealthy, take note!

Love you



They came with promises
They came with visions
They came with change

They convinced me of their love
They told me they were different
They said they won’t break my heart

They said they will love me till the end
They said they will always provide for me
They said they will change my life

Today am all alone
They have abandoned me
They have broken my heart
They have done what they promised never to do

My government have hurt me again
My leaders have broken my heart again
My love have abandoned me

I am all alone now
I can’t find a decent work
I can’t even feed myself
I am dying of hunger

I can’t pay my school fees again
I can’t even speak my mind
I am afraid to demand for my right

I am insecure
My enemies are after me
Armed herdsmen want me dead
My lover doesn’t want to rescue me

I am alone
Somebody help!