Once upon a time! There live a one eyed black man.

Oh sorry, I know you are eager to hear a story.
Yes I know your eyes are wide open now ready to savour the story. As children We got to know that “once upon a time” is the beginning of a story. Actually I wanted to use that to draw your attention.

Do you know most people dream of writing a book in the course of their life. Either because they have a story in their head or they want to share a particular interest with people. Sometimes it is because of what they have they passed through in life believing that their life story is worth reading.

Unfortunately most do not pursue that dream long enough to achieve it.

Do you want to write? Are you interested in writing?

If you are, I advice you not to abandon that dream. Start writing down all those thoughts in your head today. That is how great writers are born, they never stopped writing whatever that comes to their mind.

What if you are not interested in writing? Sorry you needn’t not be. To truly impart in people’s live and leave a legacy behind you must either write a book or do what people will write about.

Writing for me is my life. If I am having a bad day, writing puts a stop to it, all I have to do is pick up my pen.

I am interested in helping other writers like me to achieve success in writing so if you are ready give me a feedback using this contact form or use the comment section.

I am a writer
I am a writer


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